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Khanjar, Dagger

ca. 1600 - 1650
00 300 #000000


Kard, Dagger

19th century
00 300 #000000


Koummya, Dagger

20th Century
00 300 #000000


Ceremonial Dagger

1876 - 1899
00 300 #000000


Aboumi, Stirrups

19th Century
00 300 #000000


Kastane, sword

ca. 1776- 1799
00 300 #000000


Shamshir, sword

00 300 #000000


Ceremonial Kris

18th Century - 20th Century
00 300 #000000



18th century
00 300 #000000

Latest NewsNovidades

November 11, 20161 year ago

Newspaper article on the Caravana Collection.

The largest Portuguese weekly newspaper, Expresso, published a multiple-page article about the Caravana Collection. The article contains both images and an examination of the pieces in the collection as art as well as items of historical importance. Follow the link to see the images and read the article.

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November 13, 20143 years ago

Exhibition at the Museu do Oriente

Opening of the exhibition "Jóias da Carreira da Índia" [Jewels of the Indian Trade Route] where, among many treasures related to the Age of Discoveries and the Portuguese presence in India, 12 pieces of the Jorge Caravana Collection were to be found. The exhibition was on show at the Museum of the Orient in Lisbon for six months.

See some photos of the event below.

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September 8, 20123 years ago

New iPad and iPhone Wallpapers

There are now ten new desktop/laptop, and five iPad and iPhone wallpapers available for download. We hope you enjoy them!
August 7, 20123 years ago

New wallpapers added to the site

There are now five beautiful wallpapers featuring pieces from the Caravana Collection available for download - more to come!
February 17, 20123 years ago

New page: Mentions

The Caravana Collection website now has a brand new section: Mentions in the Press and around the Web. Click through to have a look.
January 15, 20123 years ago

Conference at the Museu do Oriente

On the 18th of November, Dr. Jorge Caravana was invited to give a conference on his collection by the Friends of the Museu do Oriente.

See some photos of the event below.

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May 21, 20113 years ago

Exhibition at the Évora Museum: more photos

Detail photos from exhibition opening at the Évora Museum on the 12th of March 2010.

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March 24, 20113 years ago

Exhibition Opening Photos

Photos from exhibition opening at the Évora Museum on the 12th of March 2010.

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