KRIS, Dagger

18th century


Steel, Gilt Silver, Stones, wood

Full length: 48.5 cm; Blade Length 35.5 cm

Some terminology i use:

Asal: where the BLADE is made or comes from
Umur: Age,again of the blade
Dapur: Outer shape name of the blade
Pamor: Nickle pattern design
Wranka: Ship either in fruitshape(Gayaman) or Shipshape(Ladrang)
Gandar: Wooden protector of the blade attached on the ship
Pendok: Metal sheath
Jejeran: Solo hilt
Deder: Yogyakarta hilt
Mendak: Ring between blade and hit; Malaysia: Pedongkok

Keris Celebes

Asal: Celebes
Umur 18th cent.
Dapur: Brojol, Ikan Pari shape
Pamor: Peraringan Kebak-Adeg;-Meru on base
Wranka: Ladrang Celebes in Kemuning Werut wood
Pendok: Bunton 3 parts with Okir motives and striped Polos-Okir bands;
Buntut and ToliToli (with stones cabochons)- gilt silver
Hilt: Burung type in Tayumanwood batik motives
Mendak: Pedonkok gilt silver, with Telor Ikan motives.
Classification - Philip Hartmann

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